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Flipped Classroom Workshop on 24th May 2017

Message to participants:

"Thank you for signing up for the "Flipped Classroom" workshop at CenMED, NUS. Your participation in the workshop activities will embody and illustrate many of the ideas and educational principles underlying the flipped classroom practice. 

Specifically, you will be undertaking approximately 3 hours of preparation at home before the workshop. This will include reading the few recommended articles (see section below after the Padlet wall), summarising the take home points from your pre-workshop preparation and reading, and posting these take home points, together with a teaching project where you hope to use the Flipped Classroom methodology, on the workshop Padlet wall below before the workshop (Padlet is an interactive digital wall, which is on a private space on, and is not searchable on Google - you have been given permission to write, edit and delete your own posts, as long as you use the same mobile or desktop device. Even though this platform works with all mobile and desktop devices, you will probably find using a laptop/workstation or tablet the easiest way to write and edit your posts on this website). The Padlet wall has been organised so that the latest post is always on top. This will help you find earlier posts.

Please also complete the short email survey (by replying INDIVIDUALLY to our email to you) at least ONE WEEK before the workshop, to give us an idea of your teaching background and what you hope to get out of the workshop. This will enable us to customise the workshop to your educational needs.

Please also bring along the same mobile device, tablet or laptop you used at home to post on Padlet to the workshop. This will enable you to continue to edit, and add to your online post."

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Pre-reading and Pre-workshop assignment

Making Our Teaching Efficient: Flipping the Classroom (Tomorrow's Professor blogpost #1463)

(Please read [above] the proposal for introducing the "Flipped Classroom" into medical education, followed by a letter to the editor above critiquing this approach. An example of a commentary supporting this also follows - please review comments on this piece also. Please write a short 250 word maximum personal reaction, and post this on the Padlet wall above, together with a brief description of your teaching experience, current teaching responsibilities, and a short 250 word maximum proposal of how you intend to use the flipped classroom methodology in your teaching setting. You should complete this assignment before you come to the workshop. We will be developing your proposal further during the workshop.)

Additional resources and pre-reading below which you might find helpful

Google search for "flipping the classroom"

Workshop program:

08.30am   Review pre-workshop background reading(articles and websites), survey responses, Padlet wall posts (participant teaching experience, setting, current or intended use of flipped classroom methodology)

10.00am   Coffee/Tea Break

10.30am   Refinement of selected flipped classroom proposals after group work, with presentation and further discussion

12.30pm   End of workshop

Case studies

"A Michigan professor is intent on making sure students understand and remember what they're taught." (from Tomorrow's Professor blog)

A Flexible Future for Higher Education (from Tomorrow's Professor blog)


Moffett J. Twelve tips for "flipping" the classroom. Med Teach. 2015
Apr;37(4):331-6. doi: 10.3109/0142159X.2014.943710. Epub 2014 Aug 26.

Pre-workshop survey question - Tell us what you hope to learn from this workshop?

"I hope to learn the principles on how to implement it for a large class."

"How to effectively apply flipped classroom in a module? What are the preparation needed? Where to get technological support or resources for a flipped classroom?"

"Improvement to current methods of using flipped classroom method in teaching."

"Learn as much as I can."

"Hoping to use flipped chart and  activities to be conducted in the classroom."

"I hope to learn about the benefits and challenges of flipped classroom so that I have a more wholesome understanding of it when it comes to the administrative and planning aspects."

"To gain exposure to this novel teaching technique. Perhaps it may facilitate my own learning and transfer of knowledge."

"How to motivate students to do their preparatory work."

"From this workshop, I think I will get the idea of new model of “flipped classroom” for medical education."

"May be, I will know how to create short videos for teaching, especially for medical students. I also hope that I can learn how to focus the interactive discussion as student centred approach with problem based teaching depending on their knowledge level."

"To learn on how to apply “flipped classroom” in teaching."

"Firstly the ABCs of a FC. How it can enhance learning and bridging knowledge gaps for students. I would also like to know the challenges one could face both from the teacher’s and the learner’s perspective,
especially when students come unprepared for class.  Most importantly, I would like to learn how I could use this for my lectures of Anatomy and Physiology to year 1 Nursing students."

"I am mainly involved in clinical/bedside teaching for medical students. To me, nothing beats seeing an actual patient and learning from him/her. I am hoping to see how flipped classroom would work for medical education."

"I wish to observe how it can be done better and later practise the technique and get feedback, if possible. Some reading materials prior to the classroom would be helpful.
I am really looking forward to improve upon ways of delivering small group teaching."

"To learn and equip myself to leverage on tool of Flipped Classroom to be effective in my Educational outcome."

"How it works and how to implement and to learn from actual experience for those who implemented it.  I want to see if I can use this method in future.  Also good if evidence-based outcomes can be presented."

"Whether it can be adapted for my teaching of under / postgrad students."

"To make learning interesting for students and to help them to remember key concepts."

"Understand more about flipped classroom methodology to see if it's useful To incorporate for our teaching of pall residents."

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